Olinuxino custom Android image for 272×480 touchscreen LCD

Recently i was talking about my new Olinuxino delevopment board by Olimex and related developments with it. Well, nothing to say, the board does its job flawlessly both in Andoid and Linux enviroments, the only problem i faced concern the touchscreen LCD i got together with the board, and this is what I’m going to fix and explain today 🙂

Olimex ships some different types of GPIO LCD displays in sizes and features and since the manufacturer provides TOTALLY Opensouce hardware and software is not always easy find the correct image for the specified hardware configuration (despite this Olimex provides one of the best repository and resources i’ve never seen for this kind of projects, don’t get me wrong (: ). This turned out in a lack of Android updates for my lcd resolution display, which led to a series of UI and system bugs that the producer were never managed to solve.
After a long research on the web I finally found out that the only solution was to fix the bugs by myself, fortunately Olimex (as i said before) provided a good repository for kernels and drivers that really helped me to compile my own fresh and customized Android image 🙂

The image I’m going to share with you provides the last Android supported version (4.0.4 actually) and some patches:

  • fixed the touch screen inverted x-axis
  • fixed touchscreen calibration issue
  • fixed UI issue (reverted back from “tablet” to “phone” view)
  • now the “enter” physic key acts like the “back” software button (absolutely more comfortable!)
  • general stability

Here the direct download link to the image:

[scbutton link=”/docs/272x480AndroidOlinuxinoA13.img” target=”blank” variation=”red” size=”large” align=”center”]Download Image[/scbutton]

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